Corrugated Iron Prices and Roofing Materials



Corrugated Iron Prices and Roofing Materials From

Quality metal roofing contributes much to the stability, security and aesthetic appeal of Australian homes and structures. supplies a wide range of metal roofing products to provide homeowners and commercial establishments the precise building solutions they need — from COLORBOND® steel roofing to polycarbonate roofing, to roofing blankets and foil insulation with rainwater goods (like guttering) and flashings.


Premium quality at the best prices, combined with the convenient online shopping experience — that is what customers can find at


Information on corrugated iron prices and roofing materials are readily available at this online roofing materials store. Outstanding products are as follows:


Lysaght Custom Orb® Corrugated Roof and Wall Cladding 

Builders of both domestic and commercial roofing and walling applications will find that this material is indispensable for unrivalled strength, light weight, wide cover, weather resistance and visual appeal. It is manufactured from Hi-Tensile G550 colour-coated steel or zinc aluminium alloy-coated steel.



Hi-Tensile steel — Makes it lightweight and exceptionally strong

Domed crest — Allows for greater foot traffic performance

Anti-capillary side laps — Provides improved weather structure

Deep ribs — Enables excellent spanning and remarkable water carrying capacity Can be used on a minimum roof pitch of two degrees — Reduces support structu


Corrugated roofing and walling is simple to install (through fixing and easy notching of flashings), economical (providing a low installed cost), and fully tested for load performance to suit almost any application.



LYSAGHT TRIMDEK® is steel cladding made of high-strength steel, yet it boasts of lightweight properties that provide excellent spanning and help it to recover remarkably after instances of deformation.


Available in long lengths and can be custom cut so that roofing projects can have one sheet from ridge to gutter without end laps

Base metal thickness is 0.42 or 0.48 millimetre

Can be used for both roofing and walling applications

Strength, lightness, spanning ability and rigidity permits wide support spacings to be used with safety

Available in a variety of COLORBOND® steel colours

May be used on roof pitches from as low as two degrees (1 in 30)




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