Insulated Roof Panels – Concepts for Building Your Green Home

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Insulation has become an increasing trend in household roofing systems. Apart from the common low-cost benefits, insulated roof panels are shaping up to be the leading “green home” option for homebuilders and environment-conscious residents. Several firms and critics list down the advantages of these panels, which include architectural reliability, wetness and heat range control and, of course, insulation qualities.

These pre-fabricated roof panels also come with ridges and edges that not only make them easy to install, but prevent air from passing through. This mechanism enables the inside of the home to stay relatively cooler than its surroundings, and therefore negates the need for air-conditioning. This, in effect, maintains power consumption at a relatively manageable level.

To further minimise your carbon footprint and generally reduce your contribution to a “power-hungry” society, here are some concepts to think of when building your green home with the use of insulated roof panels:

Zero energy home

Building a home that uses energy efficiently needs some serious planning. All components of the house should be thought of and discussed with someone who knows a lot about designs and green energy. A solar panel will be integral to the system to generate electricity, but an insulated roof panel will also be crucial because it contributes to the reduction of energy utilisation. Get an expert to sit down and talk your plan through.

Foundation is key

An accurate foundation is very important when using insulated panels. Price should never be considered as a hurdle in making purchases, because the whole roof will rely heavily on the quality of the foundation. Make sure, then, that it is exactly what the blueprint says. Water damage is a common occurrence, so be sure to include a drainage plan on the walls and roof.

No air leak

Part of the effectiveness of an insulated roof system is the guarantee that no air passes in and out of small crevices in the roof. This ensures that the temperature inside the house is naturally controlled and that no further use of electricity is needed to regulate the temperature using air-conditioners. So make sure that minimising air leaks is a top priority.

Sound construction plan

Get everyone on the same page. It’s not only you, as an owner, who should be working on the plan of building a green home. It should be a group effort — one which includes your builders. Remember that they are more familiar with the task at hand, and most likely with the concepts that it entails. Devise a plan which will more or less be harmonious with your resources.


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Why You Will Want To Get Insulated Roof Panels Today


If there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to weather, it is that it has become absolutely unpredictable. Heat can now be experienced in certain parts of the world that were once blanketed with cold weather. Multiple odd weather patterns also blow through countries that used to see just two seasons a year. What all this indicates is that everyone now has to be prepared for extreme, and probably atypical, weather conditions.

One of the best ways to be prepared for what the weather will bring is to make sure your property can withstand whatever will come, be it scorching heat or sharp chills. And for many property owners, that usually means having durable roofing. Why should you go with insulated roof panels

Insulated roofing has become an ideal roofing solution, particularly in regions that go through harsh weather. Insulated panels for your commercial or residential property will mean savings where installation and maintenance are concerned. 

First, the panels guarantee ease in installation. So whether you are a homeowner getting property renovation or a contractor finishing a commercial building project, insulated roofing provides speedy installation. This translates to reduced build time, and consequently, reduced costs. And second, insulated panels are easy to clean, which means fewer time (and money) spent on maintenance.

The appeal of an insulated roof panel is not limited to economics. It also extends to energy efficiency. This roofing product ensures thermal performance, blocking blistering heat when needed, because the core insulation is enclosed and protected by metal facings. So if you happen to live in a city or town that has more than its share of hot weather, and you don’t want your air conditioner to get overworked, insulated roofing is the answer. 

But while this modern roofing product does create relief under sweltering heat, it also generates comfort all throughout the year, whether it’s a cold evening at winter or a humid day at summer. 

Here’s even better news about this roofing solution: Its polystyrene core guarantees stability and durability. The construction of insulated panels, with its two layers of steel and the lightweight polystyrene, promises high performance all throughout its life. This assures anyone who invests in this roofing solution that no replacements or heavy repairs have to be done in the near future — and that the stable and durable roofing panels will be able to protect your property, whether it’s a two-storey home in the suburbs or a commercial warehouse just outside the city. 

Easy installation. Low maintenance. Energy efficiency. Stability and durability. What more can you ask for from your roofing solution? 

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