How To Use COLORBOND Guttering For Urban Gardening


Urban and suburban gardeners must constantly employ creative tactics to help them better deal with the unique challenges they face, including limited space and sunlight. And perhaps, that is exactly the reason why many people are enamoured by the idea of urban gardening, apart from having a good-looking backyard or a steady supply of vegetables to put on the dinner table.


One creative solution you can employ to overcome these problems is to use rain gutters that can be attached to deck railings to grow veggies or ornamental plants. If you have a few COLORBOND guttering materials lying around from your previous project, you can purchase a few more to cover for this new project.


For this endeavour, you’ll need a handsaw, a drill, a tape measure, gutters, outside end caps, pressure-treated boards, screws, wood adhesive, corner braces and gutter brackets, most of which you can buy online. Online stores aren’t only a good place to check roof gutter prices. You can also find good deals for your roofing or other DIY projects there.


The first thing you need to do is to construct a wooden frame using two lumber pieces as the frame’s horizontal section and another four as the frame’s vertical section. You can nail or screw these together.


Once your frame has been assembled, the next thing that you need to do is identify and mark the areas where you’ll need to place the hardware. You’d want to create a slope for each gutter so that your plant box made of gutter will have drainage. The way to achieve that is to mark the areas where the hardware will be placed such that each point alternates by 1/4 inches.


Next, install the brackets and then put the outside end caps on either end of each gutter. Afterwards, drill two holes into the lower end of the gutter. These holes will aid in draining excess water.


After finishing with these steps, you can mount this on the area you choose, like a wooden fence.


Afterwards, put soil into the gutters. Ideally, you should fill the gutters with soil until it is half full. Next, add fertiliser and finish off by adding more soil. You’d want to pack the soil firmly because your veggies or ornamental plants won’t have enough soil if placed in a gutter.


The next step is to plant seeds and wait until these grow into seedlings. Remember to water your plants regularly, taking great care not to water the sidings.


Author Profile: Shawn Warner is a passionate “DIY’er” and roofer. He writes posts on home building, kitchen renovations, metal roofs and gardening. To find out more about guttering, roofing sheeting and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like


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