Why You Will Want To Get Insulated Roof Panels Today


If there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to weather, it is that it has become absolutely unpredictable. Heat can now be experienced in certain parts of the world that were once blanketed with cold weather. Multiple odd weather patterns also blow through countries that used to see just two seasons a year. What all this indicates is that everyone now has to be prepared for extreme, and probably atypical, weather conditions.

One of the best ways to be prepared for what the weather will bring is to make sure your property can withstand whatever will come, be it scorching heat or sharp chills. And for many property owners, that usually means having durable roofing. Why should you go with insulated roof panels

Insulated roofing has become an ideal roofing solution, particularly in regions that go through harsh weather. Insulated panels for your commercial or residential property will mean savings where installation and maintenance are concerned. 

First, the panels guarantee ease in installation. So whether you are a homeowner getting property renovation or a contractor finishing a commercial building project, insulated roofing provides speedy installation. This translates to reduced build time, and consequently, reduced costs. And second, insulated panels are easy to clean, which means fewer time (and money) spent on maintenance.

The appeal of an insulated roof panel is not limited to economics. It also extends to energy efficiency. This roofing product ensures thermal performance, blocking blistering heat when needed, because the core insulation is enclosed and protected by metal facings. So if you happen to live in a city or town that has more than its share of hot weather, and you don’t want your air conditioner to get overworked, insulated roofing is the answer. 

But while this modern roofing product does create relief under sweltering heat, it also generates comfort all throughout the year, whether it’s a cold evening at winter or a humid day at summer. 

Here’s even better news about this roofing solution: Its polystyrene core guarantees stability and durability. The construction of insulated panels, with its two layers of steel and the lightweight polystyrene, promises high performance all throughout its life. This assures anyone who invests in this roofing solution that no replacements or heavy repairs have to be done in the near future — and that the stable and durable roofing panels will be able to protect your property, whether it’s a two-storey home in the suburbs or a commercial warehouse just outside the city. 

Easy installation. Low maintenance. Energy efficiency. Stability and durability. What more can you ask for from your roofing solution? 

Author Profile: Dave Souths is a qualified roofer and a DIY’er. He creates blog posts on building, roofing, bathroom renovations and vegie gardens. To purchase roofing sheets, guttering and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like www.metalroofingonline.com.au.


Why Pick COLORBOND Roofing For Your Building Projects?


Running a construction business can be tough. In addition to overcoming competition, whether for residential or commercial projects, you will have to deal with a volatile economy. An economy that isn’t looking too good will mean fewer business and/or more expensive building materials. So how will you help your business cope with such challenging situations?


You ensure your construction business’s reputation for delivering high quality projects. For the most part, this will mean choosing the right materials to build with, like using COLORBOND roofing for every project. Why COLORBOND, you ask?


First, COLORBOND steel is delivered pre-cut to construction sites, which means you avoid wastage on-site as well as lessen your impact to the surrounding area. With an increasing demand for sustainable home design and eco-friendly approaches to construction, COLORBOND makes for an ideal choice.


Second, COLORBOND roofs are low maintenance. Although, like most well-made features of any home, a high quality steel roof will need to be washed and inspected, but that’s about it. These simple maintenance procedures that ensure the service life of the COLORBOND roof will be a selling point for many property buyers, which then encourages many property investors to choose homes and buildings installed with COLORBOND steel roof.


Third, the corrugated roofing from COLORBOND is built with technology that promotes energy efficiency. Almost all of COLORBOND’s roofing, except for the stainless steel sheet and roofing that comes in Night Sky®, is made with Thermatech® technology. Thermatech® technology reduces the energy load of buildings and homes, which means homeowners and occupants use less air conditioning, without sacrificing comfort. And less reliance on air conditioning will lead to energy savings. By installing your building projects with COLORBOND steel, you help clients save money where it counts.


Fourth, this roofing brand comes in a rich array of colours — all inspired by Australia’s awesome landscapes. If you have always thought roofing jobs were purely for utility, think again. With COLORBOND’s 22 palettes, you will have a lot to offer your clients.


Fifth, COLORBOND has been tried and tested for 45 years. This means that its durability and strength have stood up to some of harshest conditions in Australia. It is considered to be one of the toughest building materials in the country, which is why many builders make COLORBOND their choice of roofing brand.


And lastly, COLORBOND doesn’t just come in roofing products. You can also use the material for fencing, for walling, and for building patios and sheds.


Author Profile: Dave Souths is a qualified roofer and a DIY’er. He creates blog posts on building, roofing, bathroom renovations and vegie gardens. To purchase roofing sheets, guttering and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like www.baysideroofingmaterials.com.au.

On Roofing Sheets — Sydney Roofing Contractors Discover The Best Way To Get More Business


Business opportunities are not always easy to find, especially in an industry that has been hit by economic instability and uncertainty. But as most things in business go, last year may have seen a slump but by next year, projections may point toward recovery and positive growth. Such is the case with the roofing industry as previous years have experienced a decline in Australia’s housing and commercial building, but future outlook indicates increased activity, which means improvement for your roofing business.


In order to maximise the opportunities that will come your way, you may want to focus on the quality of your roofing sheets. Sydney builders and homeowners are looking to get a good deal with the materials they’ll need but they will also be expecting good quality.


You’ll want to invest in durable but affordable roofing materials. Whether your business offers more metal roofing or more polycarbonate roofing, you need to be certain that the roofing products you provide will stand up to the harsh elements in the region. You need to be sure that your products have been fully tested to endure decades of use and abuse.


By offering high quality roofing materials, consistently, you will be able to establish your credibility as a reliable roofing contractor. So you need to invest in the roofing products you use for every project that comes your way. This should not be limited to the roofing sheets but also extend to the guttering, the fascia, and downpipes.


Perhaps one of the more reliable names in roofing material is COLORBOND roof. COLORBOND sheets have been tested for 45 years and the materials have been able to withstand unique conditions in Australia. The roofing range also features technology that would allow users to save a great deal of money on energy bills during summer months, making it energy-efficient. And in this “green minded” market, using energy-efficient products would give your roofing business an edge over competitors.


You can also try to work on your network. Start with your roofing materials. The right roofing supplier will not only be able to offer you the best roofing materials and give you a great price on the bulk orders that you get for your projects, but the right roofing supplier may also be able to refer you to customers who are looking to hire the best roofing contractors for their construction projects or roof replacements. It wouldn’t hurt to have the right connections for your business.


Author Profile: Shawn Warner is a passionate “DIY’er” and roofer. He writes posts on home building, kitchen renovations, metal roofs and gardening. To find out more about guttering, roofing sheeting and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like www.metalroofingonline.com.au.


How To Use COLORBOND Guttering For Urban Gardening


Urban and suburban gardeners must constantly employ creative tactics to help them better deal with the unique challenges they face, including limited space and sunlight. And perhaps, that is exactly the reason why many people are enamoured by the idea of urban gardening, apart from having a good-looking backyard or a steady supply of vegetables to put on the dinner table.


One creative solution you can employ to overcome these problems is to use rain gutters that can be attached to deck railings to grow veggies or ornamental plants. If you have a few COLORBOND guttering materials lying around from your previous project, you can purchase a few more to cover for this new project.


For this endeavour, you’ll need a handsaw, a drill, a tape measure, gutters, outside end caps, pressure-treated boards, screws, wood adhesive, corner braces and gutter brackets, most of which you can buy online. Online stores aren’t only a good place to check roof gutter prices. You can also find good deals for your roofing or other DIY projects there.


The first thing you need to do is to construct a wooden frame using two lumber pieces as the frame’s horizontal section and another four as the frame’s vertical section. You can nail or screw these together.


Once your frame has been assembled, the next thing that you need to do is identify and mark the areas where you’ll need to place the hardware. You’d want to create a slope for each gutter so that your plant box made of gutter will have drainage. The way to achieve that is to mark the areas where the hardware will be placed such that each point alternates by 1/4 inches.


Next, install the brackets and then put the outside end caps on either end of each gutter. Afterwards, drill two holes into the lower end of the gutter. These holes will aid in draining excess water.


After finishing with these steps, you can mount this on the area you choose, like a wooden fence.


Afterwards, put soil into the gutters. Ideally, you should fill the gutters with soil until it is half full. Next, add fertiliser and finish off by adding more soil. You’d want to pack the soil firmly because your veggies or ornamental plants won’t have enough soil if placed in a gutter.


The next step is to plant seeds and wait until these grow into seedlings. Remember to water your plants regularly, taking great care not to water the sidings.


Author Profile: Shawn Warner is a passionate “DIY’er” and roofer. He writes posts on home building, kitchen renovations, metal roofs and gardening. To find out more about guttering, roofing sheeting and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like www.metalroofingonline.com.au.