New Batch of Pinterest-Inspired Corrugated Iron Crafts for Your Home

So, you’ve decided to elevate the aesthetics of your home by replacing your old roofing with Colorbond corrugated iron. There are still a bunch of other ways you can improve the look of your dwelling by using the same corrugated iron you’ve used for roofing.

If you have a lot of extra corrugated iron or scraps lying around from the roofing replacement project, here are Pinterest-inspired projects that can put all those to great use for your home.

1 Metal frames for mirrors – If you have mirrors that do not have framing, corrugated iron can be cut to the right size and shape to create a nice rustic mirror that can serve as a wall display or a bathroom mirror. You can use high quality adhesive to glue the frame to the mirror; if the mirror still has its old wood frame, you can tack the corrugated iron to it to secure the new frame in place.

2 Upcycle a dry bar or server – Achieve a rustic iron dry bar or servery by attaching strips or full sheets of corrugated iron to the frame of your old bar. It doesn’t matter what the original shape of your servery is because corrugated iron is malleable enough to bend in different directions.

3 Close off the three sides of an open bookcase or display cabinet – If the bookcase has wood frames, it’s just a matter of nailing down the iron to the frame to give it a rustic, country charm.

4 Corrugated iron vases or planters – Just bend scrap iron to form a circular shape similar to a glass hurricane and then paint the insides. You can use these for a flower display or completely on their own if you have several of them in different heights.

5 Enclosure for a play sand box – If corrugated iron can be turned into a raised planter box, it definitely can be turned into a shallow sand box for a child’s playground.

6 Corrugated metal siding – This is a more interesting-looking alternative to a corkboard. You can attach notes and ideas to it, and if you cut the iron really nice, it can even double as wall décor.

7 Folding screen – If you have these and they came with thick paper that has already worn to tatters, replace the thick paper with corrugated iron sheets that have been cut to size (if you will order new sheets online from trusted suppliers like Metal Roofing Online, they can be pre-cut for you) to fit to the frame. You’ll get a room divider or standing display with an industrial appeal if you try this project.