Colorbond fascia is a very remarkable product. It will provide you clean lines in your new homes. It is present in more than 15 colours so you can choose your favourite colour. Since it is made from colorbond steal it will neither shrink not decay making it absolutely maintenance free. This colorbond fascia is trusted Australian bluescope steel and it also comes with warranty. Colorbond provides a very modern and versatile products. Which basically provides your roof a very stylish and elegant design. This product is also available in custom cut length, so that it matches your appliances. The colorbond system uses spring clips which snaps on the fascia allowing the guttar to be fixed strongly and easily. These colorbond fascia are very durable and specially designed to Withstand Harsh weather conditions of Australia.

I would recommend you to buy this colorbond fascia from The main reason I will recommend you to buy this product from is due to their reasonable price they are offering in comparison to any other site. They have made online ordering very easy by providing different type of payment methods. They accept all types of credit cards, all type of debit cards like visa and MasterCard, they also support direct Bank deposit and Secure online payment as well as PayPal. This is also one of the main reasons I am recommending it to you. They deliver your product within 2 to 3 business days as they say that “they don’t keep their customer waiting”.

The most important thing which makes this site secure is that it has been serving COLORBOND® roofing in cities like Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne successfully for over 25 years. They are known for providing exceptional quality roofing materials.Though this product is easy to install, this site also provides step by step installation guide so that you don’t get stuck in any of the steps. They also provide a YouTube video on How to install colorbond fascia which makes easy to understand the installation process. You can select the quantity of the product the length of the product and choose between more than 15 colours.

At last I will say that I personally checked this product and also this site and I really liked it’s fast delivery and secured payment process.


How To Spruce Up Your Home With The Use Of Corrugated Iron Panels

COLORBOND Roofing Materials | Corrugated Iron

In the past, corrugated roofing sheets were often seen on top of sheds and barns; they were rarely chosen as the material used for home and commercial buildings roofs. At present, you will see this type of roof on many residential and commercial buildings or structures since they offer several benefits to property owners.

During production, corrugated iron roofing sheets are folded to produce ridges and grooves. The primary purpose of corrugating iron or metal sheets is to increase their tensile strength. Because of this, corrugated metal panels are some of the most durable, long-lasting building materials around. But even with their tensile strength, they are also lightweight and easy to install and maintain. They are also fire- and wind-resistant and one of the most energy efficient roofing materials in the market today. They come in different colours and sizes, too.

Because of their qualities and features, a lot of people have found other uses for corrugated iron panels. As such, you won’t only see them on top of houses, buildings, sheds, and other types of structures; you will also be able to find these metal panels inside them.

Below are some tips and ideas for using corrugated metal panels to design and update your home’s interior and exterior design:

Use the panels for wainscoting. Wood is the most popular material used for panelling or wainscoting but you can also use corrugated metal sheets for this project. A corrugated wainscot or panel outside your home can effectively break up long, monotonous blocks of colour and give it an additional eye-catching texture and design. It can also update the look of an older home straightaway due to its exceptional appearance. Lastly, using corrugated metal sheets as wainscot will also help protect your home’s exterior walls from the splash of your reticulation system or rain.

Install them in your bathrooms. The right colour of corrugated metal sheets can help spruce up your bathroom. Use a panel (or more) as a corrugated accent to upgrade a boring bathroom into one that looks livelier and interesting. Adding prints and mixing some other materials such as wood or sheetrock can also bring a pop of colour to thebathroom and make it feel more modern and comfortable.

Cover the kitchen island or bar with corrugated metal panels. If you want to give your kitchen a more modern look, start by renovating the kitchen bar or island. Simply wrap the bar or table in your choice of corrugated metal and colorbond roof flashing to upgrade a dated kitchen. You can opt for an interesting print to bring a touch of fun or a classic neutral colour if you’re going for a minimalist look. It’s an easy DIY project that won’t take up much of your time, and it’s fairly inexpensive, too.

You can shop online to find out the different colours and sizes corrugated iron sheets come in. Make sure you choose a trusted supplier so that you can purchase quality products online at the lowest prices. Select a store that offers fast delivery as well so that you can start on your DIY home improvement project as soon as possible.

Breathe New Life Into Your Colorbond Roofing With a Fresh Coat of Paint

There are plenty of compelling reasons why property owners choose Colorbond roofing. Over 45 years, this building material has earned an enviable reputation, due largely in part to its superior performance as well as its aesthetic and ecological benefits.

Made with BlueScope steel, Colorbond roofs are available in 22 designer colours that can match both classical and contemporary home designs. You can purchase these roofs online from reputable dealers which offer these at competitive prices.

But just like any other building material, the colours of your roof will eventually fade. That can be attributed largely to the elements and time. Fortunately, that issue can be easily solved with a fresh coat of paint. Rather than purchase a new set of roofing sheets to install in your home, you or a trusted roofing contractor can paint your current Colorbond roof.

When giving your roof a fresh coat of paint, it is important to consult the codes given by Colorbond. However, you should bear in mind that available paint colours may not exactly match the colour of your current roof. As such, be prepared to paint the whole roof as well as other parts of the structure, including the fascia, downpipes and gutters.

Painting roofs is a straightforward process. However, it is recommended that you enlist the aid of professionals who have the experience as well as the proper tools and equipment to perform the job correctly and safely the first time.

However, if you are keen on doing this task, here are some of the steps that you need to undertake.

Start off by cleaning your existing roof. Remove debris and dirt which may have accumulated on it. If you discover that there are moulds and mildew on the roof, you need to remove these. Also, if you see flakes of rust, remove these as well—for stubborn rust, you can use a wire brush. Use water and detergent to wash the roof and leave it to dry before moving to the next step.

Once the roof is completely dry, the next thing that you need to do is to apply a primer. Consult the professionals about the appropriate primer and paint to use for your roof. When applying the primer, be sure to follow the instructions of the manufacturer. Keep your safety in mind and wear the appropriate gear.

Next thing you need to do is to apply paint on the roof. Again, consult paint professionals in order to ensure that you use the right one. Typically, you will need to apply two coats of paint. After the initial coat, wait for the paint to dry completely. This can last up to 72 hours. Before applying the last coat of paint, do your best to make sure that it won’t rain the next day so as not to ruin the paint job.


corrugated iron Colorbond®

The number of online shoppers continues to swell every year. When it comes to gadgets, books, music and movies and yes, even Colorbond roofing, a sizeable number of consumers purchase products online. It is also worthwhile to mention that more and more people are checking out the products they wish to purchase at physical stores, but buy them online. Why? Here are several compelling reasons to shop online, whether you are eyeing to purchase the latest smartphone or corrugated irons sheets for your next building or roofing project.

Informed shopping decisions

When you are about to purchase a big ticket item, you do not simply proceed to buy. The first thing that you probably do is look for retailers and check their offers. The conventional way to do that would be to visit each shop that sells that item. The trouble here is that you may find a shop that offers the lowest price, but then you end up spending more on gas and you have wasted precious time, negating the cost savings.

With online shopping, you can readily find online merchants that sell similar items. Here, you can immediately compare prices or even better deals — all these in the convenience of your home or office.

Wider product selection

Some online merchants offer a vast array of products, a few of which you cannot find in your local stores. Apart from these, through effective website design, navigating through these products becomes a breeze, allowing you to easily find the exact item you are looking for and save precious time.

Competitive prices

With rising prices, the savvy shopper knows how to play the waiting game — that is, finding sellers, online or offline, who can offer the best prices for a particular item. Today’s online stores can afford to offer competitive prices for their goods simply because they do not have to contend with overhead costs that conventional stores have to pay for. These savings, in turn, are passed on to consumers.

Online reputation

Some consumers avoid buying products online because of several fears. However, if you are diligent in your search, you’ll be able to find quite a number of reputable sellers. In fact, many online merchants guard their online reputation quite closely because an adverse online post can hurt their business. Before completing any transaction with an online store, perform a background check and see what past customers have to say about it.

Convenience and time savings

Two important benefits that lure consumers to shop online are convenience and time savings. Today, you can shop online practically from anywhere you have access to a browsing device and an Internet connection. If you are a builder or a homeowner who needs to find a roof, this means that you can save precious time — the remainder of which you can allocate for more important tasks.

Why You Will Want To Get Insulated Roof Panels Today


If there is one thing you can be sure of when it comes to weather, it is that it has become absolutely unpredictable. Heat can now be experienced in certain parts of the world that were once blanketed with cold weather. Multiple odd weather patterns also blow through countries that used to see just two seasons a year. What all this indicates is that everyone now has to be prepared for extreme, and probably atypical, weather conditions.

One of the best ways to be prepared for what the weather will bring is to make sure your property can withstand whatever will come, be it scorching heat or sharp chills. And for many property owners, that usually means having durable roofing. Why should you go with insulated roof panels

Insulated roofing has become an ideal roofing solution, particularly in regions that go through harsh weather. Insulated panels for your commercial or residential property will mean savings where installation and maintenance are concerned. 

First, the panels guarantee ease in installation. So whether you are a homeowner getting property renovation or a contractor finishing a commercial building project, insulated roofing provides speedy installation. This translates to reduced build time, and consequently, reduced costs. And second, insulated panels are easy to clean, which means fewer time (and money) spent on maintenance.

The appeal of an insulated roof panel is not limited to economics. It also extends to energy efficiency. This roofing product ensures thermal performance, blocking blistering heat when needed, because the core insulation is enclosed and protected by metal facings. So if you happen to live in a city or town that has more than its share of hot weather, and you don’t want your air conditioner to get overworked, insulated roofing is the answer. 

But while this modern roofing product does create relief under sweltering heat, it also generates comfort all throughout the year, whether it’s a cold evening at winter or a humid day at summer. 

Here’s even better news about this roofing solution: Its polystyrene core guarantees stability and durability. The construction of insulated panels, with its two layers of steel and the lightweight polystyrene, promises high performance all throughout its life. This assures anyone who invests in this roofing solution that no replacements or heavy repairs have to be done in the near future — and that the stable and durable roofing panels will be able to protect your property, whether it’s a two-storey home in the suburbs or a commercial warehouse just outside the city. 

Easy installation. Low maintenance. Energy efficiency. Stability and durability. What more can you ask for from your roofing solution? 

Author Profile: Dave Souths is a qualified roofer and a DIY’er. He creates blog posts on building, roofing, bathroom renovations and vegie gardens. To purchase roofing sheets, guttering and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like

On Roofing Sheets — Sydney Roofing Contractors Discover The Best Way To Get More Business


Business opportunities are not always easy to find, especially in an industry that has been hit by economic instability and uncertainty. But as most things in business go, last year may have seen a slump but by next year, projections may point toward recovery and positive growth. Such is the case with the roofing industry as previous years have experienced a decline in Australia’s housing and commercial building, but future outlook indicates increased activity, which means improvement for your roofing business.


In order to maximise the opportunities that will come your way, you may want to focus on the quality of your roofing sheets. Sydney builders and homeowners are looking to get a good deal with the materials they’ll need but they will also be expecting good quality.


You’ll want to invest in durable but affordable roofing materials. Whether your business offers more metal roofing or more polycarbonate roofing, you need to be certain that the roofing products you provide will stand up to the harsh elements in the region. You need to be sure that your products have been fully tested to endure decades of use and abuse.


By offering high quality roofing materials, consistently, you will be able to establish your credibility as a reliable roofing contractor. So you need to invest in the roofing products you use for every project that comes your way. This should not be limited to the roofing sheets but also extend to the guttering, the fascia, and downpipes.


Perhaps one of the more reliable names in roofing material is COLORBOND roof. COLORBOND sheets have been tested for 45 years and the materials have been able to withstand unique conditions in Australia. The roofing range also features technology that would allow users to save a great deal of money on energy bills during summer months, making it energy-efficient. And in this “green minded” market, using energy-efficient products would give your roofing business an edge over competitors.


You can also try to work on your network. Start with your roofing materials. The right roofing supplier will not only be able to offer you the best roofing materials and give you a great price on the bulk orders that you get for your projects, but the right roofing supplier may also be able to refer you to customers who are looking to hire the best roofing contractors for their construction projects or roof replacements. It wouldn’t hurt to have the right connections for your business.


Author Profile: Shawn Warner is a passionate “DIY’er” and roofer. He writes posts on home building, kitchen renovations, metal roofs and gardening. To find out more about guttering, roofing sheeting and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like


How To Use COLORBOND Guttering For Urban Gardening


Urban and suburban gardeners must constantly employ creative tactics to help them better deal with the unique challenges they face, including limited space and sunlight. And perhaps, that is exactly the reason why many people are enamoured by the idea of urban gardening, apart from having a good-looking backyard or a steady supply of vegetables to put on the dinner table.


One creative solution you can employ to overcome these problems is to use rain gutters that can be attached to deck railings to grow veggies or ornamental plants. If you have a few COLORBOND guttering materials lying around from your previous project, you can purchase a few more to cover for this new project.


For this endeavour, you’ll need a handsaw, a drill, a tape measure, gutters, outside end caps, pressure-treated boards, screws, wood adhesive, corner braces and gutter brackets, most of which you can buy online. Online stores aren’t only a good place to check roof gutter prices. You can also find good deals for your roofing or other DIY projects there.


The first thing you need to do is to construct a wooden frame using two lumber pieces as the frame’s horizontal section and another four as the frame’s vertical section. You can nail or screw these together.


Once your frame has been assembled, the next thing that you need to do is identify and mark the areas where you’ll need to place the hardware. You’d want to create a slope for each gutter so that your plant box made of gutter will have drainage. The way to achieve that is to mark the areas where the hardware will be placed such that each point alternates by 1/4 inches.


Next, install the brackets and then put the outside end caps on either end of each gutter. Afterwards, drill two holes into the lower end of the gutter. These holes will aid in draining excess water.


After finishing with these steps, you can mount this on the area you choose, like a wooden fence.


Afterwards, put soil into the gutters. Ideally, you should fill the gutters with soil until it is half full. Next, add fertiliser and finish off by adding more soil. You’d want to pack the soil firmly because your veggies or ornamental plants won’t have enough soil if placed in a gutter.


The next step is to plant seeds and wait until these grow into seedlings. Remember to water your plants regularly, taking great care not to water the sidings.


Author Profile: Shawn Warner is a passionate “DIY’er” and roofer. He writes posts on home building, kitchen renovations, metal roofs and gardening. To find out more about guttering, roofing sheeting and other metal roof materials, he visits websites like

Colorbond or Zincalume? What are the prices? Which should I choose?

When deciding on the metal roofing sheets for your next roofing or walling project – the big question is – do I use Colorbond or Zincalume sheets? Why the difference in price between the two? 


There are many differences!

Colorbond – comes in a selection of 22 colours – with new additions just released!

Zincalume is plan “silver” colour, which sometimes gets mixed up with “gal”.  Galvanised steel sheets are very rarely used these days!

What is the warranty?

Colorbond and Zincalume can both be up to 30 years!

What is the difference in prices?

Between the two – Colorbond can be around $3.00 more per lineal metre than Zincalume. 

Colorbond, with the most popular roofing profile “custom orb” is also generally the more popular out of the two – the colour selections are too vast to pass up on!

Trimdek is also another popular choice – the prices are very similar to corrugated. 


Professional Advice

A pitched roof is one of the largest, most visable aspects of your home and with a diverse and inspiring colour palette, Colorbond allows a varied selection in choice.


We have found the most popular colours architects and designers select, to be the greys and neutral colours – Woodland Grey as always is a huge hit and Monument is quickly gaining popularity. The newest in the Colorbond Colour range – Basalt, well we imagine it will add depth and drama to any project. Plus it is a personal favourite of mine!

The traditional colours are purely timeless and immune to fashion trends, which come and go so quickly. Colours such as Classic Cream, Cottage Green and Manor Red have always stood the test of time.

Whichever your selection from the Colorbond Colour range for use on your next metal roofing project, whether hamonising or contrasting into your surroundings, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

We have Launch Off!

What a night!


The Melbourne launch of the new range of colours was held at the spectacular location of Docklands. With Shelley Craft as MC, the night was full of fun.

It is always to exciting to be a part of a launch – especially when it is anything to do with Bluescope Steel Colorbond.

After many years of development, the next generation of Colorbond Steel has being unveiled.  Silence in the room during the unveiling, as everyone wanted to take the new colours in and see the changes.

So many new exciting changes – including improved warranties compared to the Original Colorbond steel.

Well said by Bluescope Steel – “The real joy of Colorbond steel isn’t just that it’s such a sensible choice or such a creative choice . . . . it’s all the inspired choices it allows to these with colourful imaginations”

We love the new changes and enjoyed a great night out at the same time!