Made Us All Laugh – better than “roofing”


What the! My polycarbonate roofing is cracking and popping!

Ever wondered why your polycarbonate roof / laser light roof cracks and pops when the sun comes out?  The roofing sheets are expanding in the sun, causing that awful, annoying noise!

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To stop this noise it is recommended to follow these simple tips –

The aptly named “Anti Noise Tape” fits it name perfectly! Rolled out across the battens before the sheets are installed, it creates a barrier between the roof sheet and batten, softening the noise.

Next we suggest using “self cutting screws” when installing the polycarbonate roofing sheets.  These screws have little sharp “wings” which cut the hole larger than the width of the screw, allowing for expansion and contraction of the polycarbonate sheet.

With these simple steps you will be well on your way to enjoying your outdoor room or similar roofing project even more!

Professional Advice

A pitched roof is one of the largest, most visable aspects of your home and with a diverse and inspiring colour palette, Colorbond allows a varied selection in choice.


We have found the most popular colours architects and designers select, to be the greys and neutral colours – Woodland Grey as always is a huge hit and Monument is quickly gaining popularity. The newest in the Colorbond Colour range – Basalt, well we imagine it will add depth and drama to any project. Plus it is a personal favourite of mine!

The traditional colours are purely timeless and immune to fashion trends, which come and go so quickly. Colours such as Classic Cream, Cottage Green and Manor Red have always stood the test of time.

Whichever your selection from the Colorbond Colour range for use on your next metal roofing project, whether hamonising or contrasting into your surroundings, you can be sure it will stand the test of time.

Guttering and Downpipe Nozzles

Downpipe pops – downpipe nozzles! What do you call them?

Only made in Zincalume – there is no need to worry about matching them into your guttering colour as they won’t be seen!

Ever being confused or wondered what the best way to install a downpipe nozzle into your guttering – we have produced the video which we think does a pretty good example!

We have Launch Off!

What a night!


The Melbourne launch of the new range of colours was held at the spectacular location of Docklands. With Shelley Craft as MC, the night was full of fun.

It is always to exciting to be a part of a launch – especially when it is anything to do with Bluescope Steel Colorbond.

After many years of development, the next generation of Colorbond Steel has being unveiled.  Silence in the room during the unveiling, as everyone wanted to take the new colours in and see the changes.

So many new exciting changes – including improved warranties compared to the Original Colorbond steel.

Well said by Bluescope Steel – “The real joy of Colorbond steel isn’t just that it’s such a sensible choice or such a creative choice . . . . it’s all the inspired choices it allows to these with colourful imaginations”

We love the new changes and enjoyed a great night out at the same time!

Metal Roofing – Cordless Cutting Shears

We asked one of our trusty roofing customers to show us how they use their cordless cutting shears. We think he did a pretty good job! Slices through the Zincalume roof sheets like butter!

New Colorbond Colours are Coming!



Bluescope Steel are on their way to releasing new colours into the Colorbond range.

The new range will now include 22 colours, different to the current 20.

Whispers of the new selections :







and the return of the hugely popular Night Sky™

Please check in with us to see the new range!

Can’t wait to update with the new Colour range – stay tuned!