Metal Roofing Materials: Some of the Most Environmentally Friendly Building Products Today

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When you have your dream house built, you will be faced with various options regarding the different materials needed for construction. If you want your house or certain rooms in it made using wood, you will have to choose among various types of lumber: cedar, cypress, beech, oak, and elm. The choices for your roofing material can be endless as well. You will have to select from tiles and natural, composite and metal roofing materials.

Among the various roofing materials, metal is one of the most preferred ones today. This is because they are both cost-effective and aesthetically appealing roofing products. They are also highly durable, fire-resistant and can withstand various kinds of harsh weather conditions.

But another trait that metal roofing systems have that make them the number one choice the world over is that they are environmentally friendly products.

Metal roofs are made from recycled steel and aluminium materials. In addition, they are 100% recyclable. As such, by choosing this type of product, you help reduce the amount of waste materials being dumped in different landfills.

When recycled metal roofing systems are used as a second roofing layer, your home will also benefit from the additional insulation. This will then result in substantial savings for both cooling and heating expenses. In addition, choosing metal roofs that come in cool colours are said to help decrease electricity consumption by half during the hot summer months. Aside from saving some money, you also get to lower your use of electricity and carbon footprint – the overall sets of greenhouse gas that your house will eventually emit.

Another common enemy of the environment (and almost everyone) is noise pollution. Having a metal roof can help you avoid having to contend with this enemy. When you have metal roofing products covering shingled roofs, your house receives an additional barrier that can keep external and annoying sounds efficiently at bay.

Finally, when you have a metal roof, you prevent the growth of certain types of fungi in your home. When you have these organisms in your home, they can accidentally fall into various types of water systems especially during strong rains or storms. They can then contaminate the existing water systems and expose people to an assortment of risks, including some serious illnesses. When you have a metal roof, such instances will not happen since organisms like mildew and algae will not able to grow and thrive in such a system.

Aside from being cost-effective, strong and long-lasting, metal roofs are also very eco-friendly. These are the main reasons why they are one of the most popular roofing systems around the world today.


How to Choose the Most Suitable Type of Corrugated Iron Roof for Your Home

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Almost all kinds of roofing materials come in various types. For instance, concrete roofing tiles are further divided into curved roof tiles, Spanish-style tiles, flat interlocking tiles and flat shingle-style roofing tiles.

Corrugated iron roofing sheets come in different types as well. If you are planning on having your old roof changed with a corrugated iron one, you may have some difficulties choosing the most suitable type for your home. Below are some tips you can follow to make sure that you will be investing in the most appropriate kind of corrugated iron roofing material for your property:

• Look at and study various online roof galleries. Browse various galleries on the Internet to see images of homes with corrugated iron roofs. Choose the ones that you like or you think would complement your home and would offer various benefits for your property. Take note of the product name and colour. You can then print images that reflect what you’re trying to achieve with your home.

• Talk to an architect, builder or house designer.  The angle and shape of your roof could limit your corrugated iron roofing choices. One of your preferred types may not work for the specific build of your home. As such, to be sure, ask your trusted architect, builder or designer if there are any particular types you should exclude from your choices.

• Consider the usual and extreme weather conditions in your area. There are some types that can be more prone to rusts and corrosions than others. Some iron-made sheets need specific fasteners.

• Finally, consider the warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, most corrugated iron sheets come with a warranty.  When investing in a roof, you should also highly consider the warranties since some are more comprehensive and last longer than others. All our our roofing sheets are covered  by Australia Bluescope Steel warranties.


corrugated iron Colorbond®

The number of online shoppers continues to swell every year. When it comes to gadgets, books, music and movies and yes, even Colorbond roofing, a sizeable number of consumers purchase products online. It is also worthwhile to mention that more and more people are checking out the products they wish to purchase at physical stores, but buy them online. Why? Here are several compelling reasons to shop online, whether you are eyeing to purchase the latest smartphone or corrugated irons sheets for your next building or roofing project.

Informed shopping decisions

When you are about to purchase a big ticket item, you do not simply proceed to buy. The first thing that you probably do is look for retailers and check their offers. The conventional way to do that would be to visit each shop that sells that item. The trouble here is that you may find a shop that offers the lowest price, but then you end up spending more on gas and you have wasted precious time, negating the cost savings.

With online shopping, you can readily find online merchants that sell similar items. Here, you can immediately compare prices or even better deals — all these in the convenience of your home or office.

Wider product selection

Some online merchants offer a vast array of products, a few of which you cannot find in your local stores. Apart from these, through effective website design, navigating through these products becomes a breeze, allowing you to easily find the exact item you are looking for and save precious time.

Competitive prices

With rising prices, the savvy shopper knows how to play the waiting game — that is, finding sellers, online or offline, who can offer the best prices for a particular item. Today’s online stores can afford to offer competitive prices for their goods simply because they do not have to contend with overhead costs that conventional stores have to pay for. These savings, in turn, are passed on to consumers.

Online reputation

Some consumers avoid buying products online because of several fears. However, if you are diligent in your search, you’ll be able to find quite a number of reputable sellers. In fact, many online merchants guard their online reputation quite closely because an adverse online post can hurt their business. Before completing any transaction with an online store, perform a background check and see what past customers have to say about it.

Convenience and time savings

Two important benefits that lure consumers to shop online are convenience and time savings. Today, you can shop online practically from anywhere you have access to a browsing device and an Internet connection. If you are a builder or a homeowner who needs to find a roof, this means that you can save precious time — the remainder of which you can allocate for more important tasks.