New Ideas on How to Get More Use Out of Colorbond Roofing Sheets


When it comes to high quality roofing sheets, Colorbond roofing always make it to the top tier. Colorbond roofing sheets do not only promise beauty and durability, but they offer functional versatility as well. If you choose to use these for your home, you can be sure to get a product that will last you a long time, save you money, and even allow you to use it for a bounty of household projects.

In the list provided below, DIY enthusiasts have shared ideas on how you can get the most use out of your Colorbond roofing.

  1. Since this type of roofing is weather- and mould-resistant, you can use it as a wall and door for your outdoor shower. It will maintain its nice appearance through the years and the nice hue you choose may even serve as the splash of colour for your outdoor space.
  2. Use it for creative lighting. Instead of drilling holes through your ply board walls to install artistic lighting, save your wall and simply attach a Colorbond roofing sheet to it. Strategically install bulbs between the ply board wall and the roofing sheets with holes and lovely streaks of light will “leak” through the holes. The same principle can be applied to overhead lights. Or, you can attach the bulbs directly to the holes on the sheets just like in a marquee sign.
  3. A similar project to the second one is to use the roofing sheets in concealing cables or wiring. Not only will attaching roofing sheets to the wall hide away ugly cables and wires, but it can also create a new look to your walls. The sheets will break the colour, and provide a different texture and shape.
  4. Create an art installation to display outdoors. If you have an artistic streak, there are so many ways you can use a Colorbond roofing sheet to create a thing of beauty as well as a special function. If you don’t like certain birds and rodents frequenting your garden or lawn, instead of creating a scarecrow, you can create the 2016 version of the Tin Man instead—one that makes noises when the wind blows and drives away tiny creepers and crawlers from your property.
  5. Colorbond roofing can also be used as glass window protectors. Basically, you just need to cut the sheets to an appropriate size and purchase hangers and bolts, rail, stoppers, anti-jump plates, wall standoff, T-guide and fasteners. Install the sliding window components around your glass window and when it’s done, your glass window can be protected from rocks (thrown by hooligans), hard debris, and hail. Likewise, your iron window protector can also serve as a privacy feature for your home.

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