What Every Homeowner Should Know About Colorbond Roofing with Thermatech

People who are building their homes today are much more knowledgeable about the process, thanks in part to consumer information that has become easily accessible online and the initiatives of brands to further educate their customers. This is most especially seen when it comes to roofing materials and roof installation. If you’re planning on building a home or in the process of building one, you most likely know that one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make is your choice of roof.

The quality of your roof will have a significant impact on the state of your house. Your roof affects the security, safety and comfort levels inside your abode. It influences a wide range of factors, from how your household is protected from climate and weather elements, to how much energy you use, to how great your property looks from across the street. And if you did your homework, you also would know by now that one of the most recommended types of roof in Australia is metal roofing because of its quality and durability.

However, did you know that not all metal roofs are equal? For discriminating property owners and experts including architects, builders and contractors, Colorbond roofing is the preferred choice—particularly Colorbond steel developed with Thermatech solar reflectance technology.

One of the best reasons to invest in Colorbond with Thermatech is it helps you minimise energy consumption and therefore lowers your power bill. If you live in an area with a moderate to hot climate, you can enjoy as much as 20 percent reduction in your energy use every year. You save energy because of the superior insulation and heat reflection abilities of steel with Thermatech. And since you don’t have to overwork your air-conditioning system to lower the temperature inside your home, you also get to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions from appliances and electricity generation.

Since your home is well protected from the heat of the sun with Thermatech on your Colorbond roof, your interiors remain properly insulated, safe and comfortable all year long. What’s interesting is the cooling effect of Thermatech technology that is so useful during summer works in reverse during the cooler months, as the superior insulation it offers helps minimise heat loss inside your home.

Thermatech technology does not only assist your roof in protecting your home; it also protects the roof itself. Your Colorbond roof lasts longer because the technology of Thermatech shields it from extreme weather elements, minimising damage and the need for premature repairs and replacements, and allowing you to enjoy more returns on your smart investment.


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