Bringing Natural Light In with Polycarbonate Roofing

When building, designing or renovating a house or commercial structure, one of the things that should be taken in consideration is lighting. Sure, there are plenty of lighting mechanisms that can be installed into a room to provide illumination, but before thinking about that, the location should first be observed in terms of how much natural light from the sun can be channeled into the space. It could be possible that only minimal artificial lighting is required if the structure can be built to harness as much natural light available in the area as possible.

This is especially true for specific areas, such as patios, balconies, swimming pool areas, greenhouses, solariums, sun rooms, and exterior areas that could serve as extensions to interior spaces. Why have a conventional roof and ceiling constructed over the space, when you can choose a material that can let in brilliant sunlight—while still protecting people from the direct glare of the sun, rain, and other elements?

Your solution to such a need would be polycarbonate roofing.

What is it?

Polycarbonate roofs are roofing sheets made of a thermoplastic material that can have varying levels of transparency, so it’s not a roof that is meant to provide complete shade. It’s a good alternative to glass (it weighs 1/6 the weight of glass). The material is lightweight, and yet it is also strong, moldable, and shatterproof.

There are two general types of polycarbonate roofing sheets. The first one, clear polycarbonate sheets, can come in clear or lightly coloured varieties, with a film that can effectively filter out UV rays.

The second type is the foam back polycarbonate sheet. Unlike the clear sheet, this type is not translucent and is typically used for more conventional roofing purposes, and mostly for structures such as carports, porches and sheds. The polycarbonate sheet looks much like corrugated roofing sheets, but unlike with metal, of course, rust will not be a problem. The foam backing can help reduce noise and provide insulation for the space.

Why choose clear polycarbonate sheets?

You introduce a positive vibe into the space. Natural light can introduce a fresh, light and pleasant atmosphere to a space, compared to lightbulbs and other artificial lighting provisions that can either be too harsh, too dim, or simply unattractive. Good quality natural light can help open up the space, and you’ll be able to add natural touches like potted plants that can thrive in partial shade, especially for exterior areas.

You won’t have to spend on artificial lighting solutions. You can reduce your building or renovating costs since you will only need to have minimal lighting solutions installed for the room or space, if any is needed at all.

You get protection from the elements while still receiving plenty of light. Even as the light enters the space, you still won’t have to worry about getting wet or being directly exposed to sunlight.

You can take your pick from a range of colours to suit your aesthetic preferences. Polycarbonate sheets can typically come in different shades of grey, cream, opal, and green, or it can be completely clear, so you can further accentuate the place with colour while getting the amount of clarity you need.


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