Why There’s an Increasing Demand for Corrugated Iron Roofing Today

Durable, versatile and visually appealing, corrugated iron remains the preferred roofing choice for many homeowners, home builders, contractors and architects since the past few decades until today. Whether it’s a new construction project or a just an upgrade or a renovation, more and more Australians choose high-quality corrugated iron such as Zincalume® and Colorbond® because of the many benefits they deliver. And despite the wide range of roofing materials in the market, studies have shown that the demand for corrugated iron roofs has increased significantly through the recent years.

While it’s not surprising why corrugated iron remains a premium roofing choice, the following are the reasons why the demand for it grows even bigger these days:

New technology. Advancements in technology have made it possible for leading manufacturers to engineer corrugated iron sheets that are made for properties of the future. With improved strength, durability and added features such as fire-resistant, anti-pest and weatherproofing abilities, more and more builders choose corrugated metal roofs.

Faster project completion. In construction, the longer a project takes, the more expensive it gets. That’s why homebuilders today are continuously looking for solutions that speed up their projects without sacrificing quality. Thanks to their lightweight material and flexibility, corrugated iron roofs offer impressive installation speed that help users save time and therefore money.

Extra protection from extreme weather changes. Drastic weather shifts are increasingly becoming the new normal. This phenomenon requires property owners in Australia to invest in high-quality roofing that will help them maintain safe, comfortable interiors in the midst of climate change.

Power saving. A high-quality, properly installed roof offers good insulation, allowing property owners to use energy efficiently. Their heating and cooling systems won’t be too overworked even despite extreme weather, resulting in lower energy consumption and lower power bills.

Sustainability. People today put great importance on sustainable living. Every choice you make should be in consideration to its effect to the Earth and its natural resources. When you choose quality corrugated iron, you choose longevity. Your roof can withstand weather elements, termites, algae and mould growth, and premature wear and tear. It can last you for a lifetime, helping you avoid waste and inefficient use of construction materials.

Diverse style. In the past, properties in the same neighbourhood would carry the same exact look and style, that they’re often called “little boxes.” Not anymore. Residential and commercial properties now come in all sorts of shapes and colours. Fortunately, corrugated iron roofs come in a wide range of finishes and textures, making it possible for property owners to make their vision a reality.


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