The Homeowner’s Easy Guide to Colorbond Roofing Maintenance

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Colorbond steel is one of the toughest and most advanced materials in the market. It has been tried and tested in Australia’s most unforgiving climates. It’s small wonder then that it’s also frequently used for construction projects.

But just because you will have one tough and advanced roofing for your home does not mean you should forget any kind of maintenance work. Certainly not, because nothing lasts forever without a bit of TLC.

Here’s a quick guide to caring for your Colorbond roofing:

Get it checked by a professional.

Every year, the exposure to sun, rain, and air could leave your roof just a bit worn out. And while Colorbond steel is pretty tough, you should still hire a roofing specialist to look at it — just to give your roof a “clean bill of health.”

Regular check-ups can prevent small problems from blowing up into costly repairs or replacements. You never know when, for instance, a fastener used to fix your Colorbond roof sheets is rusting. Left unchecked, this rusted component may affect the rest of the structure, corroding the sheets. But if it were resolved immediately, your roof will stay unharmed.

Wash the areas that do not get washed by the rains.

Simple washing will keep your roofing looking good as new. But don’t waste the water with areas that get washed by the rains. Focus on the eaves, the fascia, and the gutters.

You may also want to wash your roofing system more frequently if you live in a coastal area or highly industrialised neighbourhood. Corrosion could set in with marine salt, industrial fallout, and other pollutants.

Keep the trees near your home or building trimmed.

Sometimes the features around your property can create a tremendous impact on your roofing system. This includes trees, which can cause several problems particularly with harsh weather. Overhanging branches could damage your Colorbond roof when it is blown by a strong wind. The leaves from these branches could clog guttering, allowing water to backup.

So make sure the branches of your tree aren’t extending to your roof. Get it trimmed. And keep your roofing system free and clear of damages and debris.

As a final reminder, the best way to ensure the longevity and performance of your Colorbond roof is to get it professionally installed. While a DIY job might sound appealing, especially if you enjoy working with your hands and outdoors, a roofing specialist can guarantee that the job is done safely, quickly, and correctly.


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