The Essential Tips for Choosing the Perfect Colorbond Roofing for Your Location

All roofs look alike. But are they really the same?

When you’re about to build your own home or renovate your commercial building, you might not give your roofing system much thought. In fact, you might tell your building contractor to just go right on ahead and order any kind of roofing material — so long as it’s cheap.

Your roofing system keeps you safe and protected from the harsh elements. It also has the ability to help you save on expenses. When you choose to go with the inexpensive kind, you might get only a few years out of the roofing material. And you will end up spending more.

For many builders and property owners, no other roofing system does its job better than Colorbond roofing. The sought-after product provides durability, beauty, and cost-efficiency for any structure. But much like every other premium brand, Colorbond offers a wide range of options, from the steel grade to the colours, which can get overwhelming.

To help you make the right choice, here are some essential tips to follow.

Your location should become an important part of your decision.

Before you think about the profiles (e.g., deep corrugated or square corrugated) and the colours (e.g., Terrain or Wallaby), you need to consider the environment of your location. This will determine the kind of strength and durability you need from your Colorbond sheets.

While the roofing product will suit any home in some locations, your environment might come with more challenging demands. Industrialised areas are prone to fumes and particulate fallout while coastal areas will have that salt spray in the air that might affect the longevity of your roofing. This means you need more protection from your roofing sheets.

Ask your roofing supplier about the distinct features of Colorbond’s stainless steel and ultra steel.

Create an inspiration board with all the elements found in your location.

This is what many designers do before they come up with the final look for a space. You can do the same by taking photos of the distinct elements in your location. You should also include images of your preferred styles and colours.

Doing this inspiration board will give you an idea of which colour palettes to choose from Colorbond’s range.

Choose the ideal online roofing supplier.

Lastly, a good roofing supplier on the Web will give you expert recommendations. You can even get access to roofing installers. Buying online will save you time and (with the ideal supplier) even money on your Colorbond roof.


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