Corrugated Iron And Its Benefits To Commercial Buildings

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In a construction project in areas such as Perth, Western Australia, every part of the structure is very important. Every corner needs to be measured correctly, every material should be considered thoroughly, and every day should be planned accordingly.

In erecting a commercial building, Perth contractors need to be meticulous about everything to ensure that the construction becomes a success. Among the many things that contractors need to plan, the materials are usually the most crucial. And among the many parts that need to be constructed carefully is the roof.

Within the construction industry, there are a lot of materials to choose from for roofing, with corrugated iron being one of them.

What is corrugated iron?

A corrugated iron is a type of steel used in a construction site in locations such as Perth, Western Australia. It is a building material that has a series of ridges producing corrugated patterns. This material is built with COLORBOND® Australian Bluescope Steel, which enables it to withstand various weather conditions.

It was originally made from wrought iron in 1820. The material is known to be strong, light, weather-resistant, and can easily be transported. It became a construction material commonly used in the rural areas across the globe, as well as a common roofing material in urban areas.

Why commercial buildings use it

In constructing commercial buildings, corrugated iron sheets are usually preferred because of the many benefits provided:

  • Versatility – One of the many reasons why commercial buildings use corrugated iron is because of its versatility. While this material is commonly used for roofing purposes, they can also be used as seams or smaller sheds by simply overlapping and sealing the sheets together. These seams are now waterproof and windproof and can serve as a great advantage to the building.
  • Aesthetics – Of course, every commercial building aims to provide not only function but beauty as well. They are able to create a stunning and eye-catching structure with corrugated irons as they are available in different colours, and they are able to create aesthetic shadow effects as well.
  • Long lasting – Perth Builders involved in commercial building aim to create a structure that provides service for as long as it can. And to be able to do that, they should be able to create a reliable facility under which employees are housed, products are kept safe, or services are provided. With corrugated iron roofing, they are able to ensure that a building located in Perth and surrounding locations is safe and sturdy at all times because this material is known to last up to 100 years.

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