How to Choose the Most Suitable Type of Corrugated Iron Roof for Your Home

Corrugated Iron Roofing | Bayside Roofing Materials

Almost all kinds of roofing materials come in various types. For instance, concrete roofing tiles are further divided into curved roof tiles, Spanish-style tiles, flat interlocking tiles and flat shingle-style roofing tiles.

Corrugated iron roofing sheets come in different types as well. If you are planning on having your old roof changed with a corrugated iron one, you may have some difficulties choosing the most suitable type for your home. Below are some tips you can follow to make sure that you will be investing in the most appropriate kind of corrugated iron roofing material for your property:

• Look at and study various online roof galleries. Browse various galleries on the Internet to see images of homes with corrugated iron roofs. Choose the ones that you like or you think would complement your home and would offer various benefits for your property. Take note of the product name and colour. You can then print images that reflect what you’re trying to achieve with your home.

• Talk to an architect, builder or house designer.  The angle and shape of your roof could limit your corrugated iron roofing choices. One of your preferred types may not work for the specific build of your home. As such, to be sure, ask your trusted architect, builder or designer if there are any particular types you should exclude from your choices.

• Consider the usual and extreme weather conditions in your area. There are some types that can be more prone to rusts and corrosions than others. Some iron-made sheets need specific fasteners.

• Finally, consider the warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, most corrugated iron sheets come with a warranty.  When investing in a roof, you should also highly consider the warranties since some are more comprehensive and last longer than others. All our our roofing sheets are covered  by Australia Bluescope Steel warranties.


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