Polycarbonate Roofing – Resisting Everything From Flame To Hail

Wouldn’t you love a glass roof for your house? It would be like living inside a crystal. There’s just something so elegant about the clear and sparkly look of glass. Having a glass roof, however, is not very practical. What if it breaks? Not only would you be without proper shelter, you or whoever’s under it could also be in danger of being impaled by one of the broken shards. Thankfully, these days, you can achieve the look of glass without bearing its inconveniences.

Polycarbonate roofing is the answer if you’re wondering how you can enjoy a clear roof without worrying about it breaking overhead. Polycarbonate as a building material is highly resistant to impact. It could hail doorknobs and you may rest assured that your roof will remain intact. It is 250 times stronger than glass, so it will take more than a barrage of ice chunks to put a good polycarbonate roof down.

Since it can easily resist hail, you can expect it to resist other extreme weather conditions as well. Torrential rains, gales of wind, scorching sun… none of these can penetrate the protection provided by a polycarbonate roof. It may let the sunlight in, but it will keep the harmful UV rays out. That’s right; a polycarbonate sheet offers 99.9% protection from UV radiation. You can soak up the sun indoors and keep your skin healthy while you’re at it.

Speaking of heat, you should also know that polycarbonate is flame-resistant. It can actually protect your home from the spread of fire. Should a piece of ember ever land on your roof, you can rest easy about your home catching fire.

Impact, weather, flame – these aren’t the only things polycarbonate can resist. How about its sound reduction properties? Because of the sound barrier it provides, it also effectively resists noise. This quality makes it a great choice for building different meeting rooms.

More and more people are opting to use polycarbonate sheets for building their homes. The material doesn’t limit itself to roofing; it can also be used for walls, windows, doors, etc. The fact that it is available in a variety of colours, profiles, sizes, and thicknesses will tell you how versatile it is. In fact, where you feel that glass would be a good addition, consider polycarbonate instead. This is especially advantageous to use in areas of high activity and heavy pedestrian traffic.

These are just some of the wonderful resistant properties of polycarbonate. It’s really not a surprise that it’s so popular nowadays.


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